The Saint at Freshers’ Week: Clan Warfare


Once or twice a year, the halls of St Andrews meet for an epic battle of drunken shenanigans. Clad loyally in hall colours, Venue 1 is turned into a sea of nervous Freshers covered head-to-toe in war paint, clinging to anyone in sight who is wearing the same colour.

This could be seen as tribe mentality, but we all know that on the second night of Freshers’ Week, it’s more desperation than anything else. Despite this, Clan Warfare, or ‘Tribal Warfare’ as it was once known, is often considered one of the best nights of the week.

By eleven o’clock, the obligatory dance competitions and incomprehensible war cries were in full swing, and there was an ever-growing sense of ‘hall spirit’. The eventual victors were Uni Hall, who won £200 to put towards their hall bar, so I’d recommend making your way to their next party.

The remainder of the evening consisted of a DJ set by Tom Burns, during which the crowd sadly ebbed away. For all Burns’ quality, given that the evening represented a bop, most people were surprised at the genre of the set.

Jenny, a second year medical student, said, “The choice of music wasn’t what I expected from a Venue 1 event. It didn’t really suit the night.” This reporter couldn’t agree more.

Photos: Ben Goulter and Amy Thompson


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