The curious incident of the Tinchy in the night time

Photo credit: Ben Goulter

Photo credit: Celeste SlomanThe diary of a frustrated Features interviewer.

Friday 5pm: Interview with Tinchy Stryder confirmed. Exciting news, as this is going to be my first ever full page spread Features interview!

Saturday: Frantic day spent researching Mr. Stryder and planning out my epic questions.

Sunday a.m.: Painting my nails, painstakingly selecting the perfect outfit for the interview. Busy updating facebook to share my pre-interview jitters with friends and family.

6.45pm: Keen bean and arriving nice and early for my interview with the big star. Rather hastily directed to an office upstairs with a few other nervous media people. Sat on a saggy sofa as the door was closed on us rather defiantly.

7.30pm: Getting to know the girls in the office and swapping small talk.

8.15pm: Now the best of friends with all seven girls, having told our life stories several times over.

8.40pm: After much anticipation, we are told that Mr. Stryder will not be partaking in any interviews and that he is being whisked off to his hotel before the gig.

9.01pm: Screamed like a teenage girl to try and attract his attention as he was bundled into a big, blacked-out, black van.

10pm: Tinchy arrived back at the venue amidst much hush-hush. With what little glimmer of hope I maintained, I was told that there would be no interview with Mr. Tinchy.

Midnight: Crying in a corner and attempting to fill my front page.


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