NB: I wrote this post over a month ago… I just forgot to send it to my editor.

It’s a good thing I’m not a journalist.


To provide some context for my latest post, I should mention that the last one was written two weeks before it was published. At the time of writing this, it is 14:36 on Thursday (I think) 9th August 2012. I’m sitting in an office overlooking Regent’s Canal, with the unsightly skyline of the City in the far distance. There is a strange-looking brick-shaped figure next to me with a pig’s head.

No, I am not on drugs.

Before I attempt to defend the statement I just made, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I don’t have a qualification in carpentry. Yes, sad, I know. I was hoping to tell you about my thrilling experiences of countless splinters protruding from my palms, but, alas, it was not to be. The good news is that I work at the Guardian.

On my first day in the office I found myself with a freelance pass in my hand, and the opportunity of a lifetime. That was over a month ago and I’m still here. The scheme itself only lasted two weeks, but thanks to the Olympics and a certain epic (if I may say so myself) Halloween costume I created whilst at university, I was asked to come back to work on a project. So here I am, a researcher on the Brick-by-Brick series, or as most of the online world know it as, the Lego Olympics. The pig-headed “thing” I mentioned is one of the original Lego figures from the 70s. You can spot one on a bike in the background of the men’s coxless four video.

My favourite one has to be the gymnastics one:

If someone told me on graduation day that I would be working for the Guardian a month down the line, I would never have believed them. But I’m here. In the office of one of the most revered national newspapers in the country. Rest assured though, I’m not taking any of it for granted. As far as I’m aware this is not a full-time job, so I’m enjoying every minute of my time here.

It’s like a dream. I need to pinch myself. Not too hard though of course.

Rachel Obordo is a freelance writer. You can visit her website or follow her on Twitter.


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