Saints Show Promise in Defeat to Edinburgh City

Just Chillin’: The familiar sight of the lacrosse boys strutting their stuff in town

University of St Andrews Men’s Lacrosse Club played its first game of the season last week against Edinburgh City. The game came at the end a week of early season training and the first practices of the new semester. Many new members of the squad were on display, and returning second year Xandy Walsh was awarded honors as Man of the Match for the St Andrews side. It was a positive showing from the Saints, who after a hectic start, eventually settled into promising form.

Potential defines the club this year. The squad is one of the youngest and most able since the club’s founding in 2005, but there is still everything to prove this season. Edinburgh City are defending Scottish League champions and provided a good litmus test for where the Saints stand. In the first preseason scrimmage of its kind, Edinburgh City were joined by two players from the Glasgow Lions club team and one from the University of Glasgow.

The first half saw unsettled play from the Saints side, while Edinburgh City, who are an experienced team of players past their university years, took control early, capitalizing on limited offensive opportunities. The Saints were often unorganized by comparison, but played a strong and physical game, controlling the opponent on ground-balls. This proved not enough, however, as Edinburgh City put up an early lead and were able to hold it for a definitive 8-3 victory.

While the Saints had their moments, there is still a way to go if they hope to contend for the league’s top position. Glimpses of potential showed in the third quarter when the Saints slowed the pace of play, finding chances from settled offense and an organized transition-game. Regardless of the result, fielding a team so early in the season provided key insight for the Saints as they prepare for their first regular season game against the University of Aberdeen on 26th September.



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