Editorial: Issue 164


New. New term, new people (all over the place, from the Sabbs to the Saint editorial team), new Saint. This very editorial has shifted from the end of the News section to the start, allowing us to introduce The Saint old and new.

Yes, your old favourites remain, be it the stories making headlines in St Andrews’ past or the reviews of the latest music and film releases.

Nonetheless, there is plenty that we have done to give the paper a good shake up. The observant among you may have noticed that we have a new banner, which reflects St Andrews’ heritage and pushes us into a future full of logos splashed across Facebook and Twitter. For the story of how the cathedral pushed its way between ‘The’ and ‘Saint’, turn to page 17.

We also have a couple of new themed pages for you to peruse and enjoy at your leisure. Who knows, we might even be of use to you! That would make up for all the times we’ve interrupted your peaceful stroll by shoving a paper in your face. We might as well apologise to the freshers in advance for that one, because you can count on it happening a lot more this year.

Firstly, we’ve teamed up with the Careers Centre to bring you some beams of light to clear Robert Peston’s shadows of economic doom. St Andrews graduates have been blazing a trail through post-Bubble employment for years now, and they’re going to be letting us know just how they did it. See page 8 for more details.

And new to page 20 we have a comprehensive guide to St Andrews events over the coming week. Yes, Freshers’ Week might be over, but don’t go believing those who say there’s nothing to do in this town. Tried sketching while listening to live music? No? Well there you go then.

Speaking of events, tonight sees one of St Andrews’ most famous and prestigious venues play host to The New Saint at The Old Course,  featuring The Other Guys, The Glitch and – the produce of a summer’s hard work, primarily from our apparently tireless Web Editor – the launch of our new website.

We hope it will be a truly memorable night, for us as an organisation and for those of you who are coming along. And make sure you look out for the photos on The Saint Online. How embarrassing could they possibly be?


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