Boat Club Go All Night


The Boat Club’s annual rowathon for charity is practically unmissable if only because they do it outside the Union during Freshers Week.

Maggie’s Cancer Care was established in the 1990s and has grown rapidly over the last 20 years, opening centres across Scotland with some expansion into England. The charity fills a crucial support gap between the NHS and a cancer victim. They provide emotional and psychological support for any victim of the disease.

Maggie’s facilitates a mental recovery in tandem with the physical one dispensed by the health service. The Club recently visited their centre in Kirkcaldy. Moved by the work of the volunteers, it was clear to the Club that Maggie’s was essential to aiding cancer victims through their suffering and on to their recovery.

The Club mustered themselves to begin a 24 hour fundraising ergathon on Thursday at noon.Despite Mother Nature’s best efforts to scupper the event (the Athletic Union’s 2-day-old gazebo bore the brunt of this), the Club endured and continued until morning with people napping in cars and on concrete between shifts. All five charity boxes were nearly filled but despite this, kind St Andreans continued to support Maggie’s. The Boat Club has been touched by the generosity of the student and local population, thanks to whom they have manged to raise over £750.

The Boat Club’s Publicity Officer said “We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this amazing cause. Nearly everyone is affected by cancer and Maggie’s goes a long way to soothing victim’s pain.”


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