A taste of the Mediterranean


On a recent summer voyage around the Mediterranean, I had the luxury of visiting six unique and fascinating places. Each with their own culture, language, food and charm, Tunis, Malta, Sicily, Viterbo, Portofino and Barcelona made for one incredible vacation. This whirlwind trip consisted of two continents, four countries and six cities in the span of seven short days. I travelled by cruise ship which sailed around the beautiful blue-green sea to a different port each day. It is my belief that cruising, which often obtains a misguided reputation of being quite glamorous, is the best way for an avid explorer to travel.

On the first day of the trip I arrived in Tunis and set off to a world-class beach that boasted pure white sands, an ever-present sun, and camels, which when combined made for an incredible sight. Tunis felt so exotic and undiscovered by tourists, it amazed me. The very next day I arrived at the tiny, beautiful island of Malta where the charm of the ancient cities took my breath away and the delicious local cuisine filled my appetite. Sailing on to a small port town in Sicily, I mingled with the locals at their town beach and experienced the Italian ‘Dolce Vita’.  After leaving behind the uniqueness of Sicily, I arrived in mainland Italy, to the port of Civitavecchia. Instead of choosing the more “touristy” option of visiting Rome, I decided to follow the path less travelled to the medieval town of Viterbo, just north of the Italian capital, with its beautiful architecture and wonderful pizza. After uncovering the hidden gem that is Viterbo, I made my way to the remarkable destination of Portofino. A town of brilliant colors and stunning views, Portofino is a coveted destination for people all over the world and it was easy to see why. On the last day of the voyage, the ship docked in Barcelona, one of the most vibrant and culturally significant cities in the world. There I explored Las Ramblas, the breathtaking beaches and the endless tapas bars, reveling in the Spanish way of life.

What I loved most about this Mediterranean cruise was the diversity of the experience, that each day held a different adventure to be had.  Although my time in each location was limited, travelling by cruise afforded me the opportunity to sample each of the cities and taste what they have to offer.



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