Fringe Blogs: The Actor


Christy White-Spunner waxes lyrical about his time at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


A poem written on an iPhone about people who are creatively arrogant, by a person who is more so.

Here’s to the pushers
Of Edinburgh town,
With paper costs high
And audiences down.

The one wit line wonders
That slither across you,
Armed with a venue
And time to accost you.

Cheers to the actors
Sprawled out on the ground,
Arm outstretched holding flyers
‘Cause they’re fucking profound.

“We give the audience umbrellas
‘Cause the venue roof leaks,
It’s seriously Brechtian”
4 Stars in Three Weeks!

“It’s a play that I wrote
On D of E Bronze,
When my best friend, Tallulah
Was raped by these swans.

But it’s actually a metaphor
For D of E Gold,
Notably when the dance scenes
With tent poles unfold”.

Here’s to the posters
Which cling to each pillar,
“My Period-The Musical,
A Guaranteed thriller”.

“It’s a coming of age piece
Called “Teenager Farm”,
About skiing and Facebook,
M.d and self-harm”.

Here’s to the-
“My one man show is about to start
I’ll give you 2 for 1 tickets”,
Oh the depths of your heart.

“It’s a modern day version
Of ancient Greek myths,
Except they’re about my life
And the soundtrack’s The Smiths”.

Excuse me, creators
If I’m being disloyal,
The truth is this stretch of mile’s
Anything but royal.

Here’s to the pleasure
I get making fun of you,
Avoiding the fact
That I’m actually one of you.


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