The Edinburgh Festival Fringe: A Preview


Forget Bradley Wiggins’ cycling heroics in the Tour de France; forget Britain’s inclement weather; forget the thought of returning to St Andrews in a little over a month; It’s been seven years in the waiting, but forget even the Olympics.

As August approaches, another eagerly anticipated event begins. Comedians, actors, performers and punters alike will flock to Edinburgh for a month of rip-roaring, side-splitting, thought-provoking, heart-wrenching entertainment as the Fringe grips the Scottish capital. And The Saint will be there with them all the way.

For the entirety of the month, The Saint will be bringing you reviews, blogs and general Fringe-related trivia.

Very soon we’ll be whetting your appetite with an interview with the St Andrews Revue as the troupe prepare for their first run at the Fringe. So, as if it need be said, watch this space.


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