Student delegates from Egypt tour UK

From left to right, Mohammed Dawood (GUC), Amr Ibrahim (Ain Shams), Patrick O'Hare, Louise Richardson, Rama Sharif Mostafa (Ain Shams), Omar Mohammed (Helwan)

Students from Egypt have visited the University of St Andrews. The trip has been organised by the St Andrews Students’ Association following the twinning of the Student Representative Councils (SRC) of both the University and that of Ain Shams University in Cairo.

The visiting students included the President and Vice-President of Ain Shams University Students’ Union, the President of the Helwan University Students’ Union and a representative of the German University of Cairo. All these members have participated in protests in Tahrir Square and are contributing to the re-establishment of the Egyptian Student Union (ESU).

The St Andrews Students’ Association President Patrick O’Hare said: “I’m delighted that St Andrews has played a leading role in bringing such inspiring young people to this country. The courage of the Egyptian and Arab youth has been an example to the world”.

They gave the opening fraternal address at the National Union of Students (NUS) national conference on Tuesday 24 April in Sheffield. They also visited the Scottish Parliament.

The students have also given talks to the Universities of Edinburgh, St Andrews, Glasgow and SOAS, speaking about the importance of the Egyptian student movement in the Egyptian Revolution.

O’Hare also said of the Egyptian Students’ Associations, “The delegation reminded me that students should be leaders, motors and a moral compass in society and thus it is fitting that it is the student movement which is taking the lead in creating links between Scotland and the Arab Spring. I hope that other sections of civil society can follow suit.”


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