Break it Yourself


Break it Yourself

Andrew Bird

Bella Union


Andrew Bird is one of those musicians one expects to find while wandering farmlands on a pleasant spring day as the sun is going down in the distance and clouds are scattered everywhere. There’s a road somewhere nearby where a small number of passing cars are beginning to turn on their lights. You’ve just had a fantastic life experience, possibly one where you were anxious all the way through. Bird is the genius at the end with his guitar, violin, and professional whistling skills who is there to meet you within your introversion to tell you he knew all along that it would be alright. There is no anger or sadness in his voice, nor loud happiness that wants to show itself to everyone who is near to hear. There is only peace.

That’s who Andrew Bird is: a musician who long ago in Chicago uncovered his own angelic style and wasn’t concerned of anyone else’s opinion. On this new album, his 9th, ‘Break It Yourself’, Bird reveals this even more than ever before with a list of tracks that are all impeccably irresistible. New listeners will question whether they are listening to a pop or classical record. Bird has arranged these songs with multi instruments more than every before. It’s an album about heartbreak, but it is incredibly personal and uplifting with Bird’s classic usage of abstract words in order for better rhyming schemes. With songs containing extraudinary solos like the one in Danse Carribe, ‘Break It Yourself’ is surprisingly even better than his previous masterpiece ‘Noble Beast’.


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