Having a Ball


Two writers offer their takes on the recent Masquerade Ball.

A Blonde’s Eye View

By Melissa Steel

St Mary’s Quad was an original choice of venue; nowhere near as stuffy as the usual selection of hotels that host St Andrews’ balls. Instead, the evening had a much more relaxed feel, everyone chatting and walking amongst the dainty tealights that circled the Quad. Although everyone looked very refined in their masks as they danced the night away, seeing attendees outside of the venue was by far my favourite bit of the night. A personal favourite was one guy leading his girlfriend around Shell Garage, her tight black dress and high heels making it hard for her to negotiate the crisps aisle. Her black mask completed the look, making it look as if the couple had taken a wrong turn on their way to a BDSM convention. Who knows, maybe they were and it was just a coincidence that they drove into St Andrews on the same night as the Masquerade Ball…

An Organiser’s Eye View

By Zoe Mackie

Saturday was one fantastic night of live music, delicious drinks and lots of 1920s-inspired dancing. However, for those organising the event it was months of meticulous planning coming to fruition. With a committee of fewer than twenty people, we each took responsibility for a particular area, from arranging sponsorship to organising the music acts and everything in between!

Our signature masked style was founded three years ago in order to raise awareness and money for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust and, thanks to a night of Gatsby glamour, we are able to make a significant contribution to the charity. Through contact with both local and international business corporations and media organizations we raised awareness of what we were trying to achieve and bring our event to a much wider audience.

The many hours of organising press and liaising with the CF Trust were made completely worth it by seeing our 500 guests in the beautiful St Mary’s Quad, enjoying themselves and jiving away to The Correspondents. I’m also extremely grateful to have been witness to the volume of work put into such an event and now have a newfound appreciation of what goes on behind the scenes! Being involved with the committee has been a great experience, allowing me to meet a diverse group of people and I would love to be able to help with the organisation of The Masquerade 2013!

Photo by Tam McTavish


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