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In collaboration with On the Rocks, Art Soc and the brand new ST.ART Magazine created an exhibit to showcase some of the finest artistic talent in St Andrews.


Lockers filled with candles guided visitors into a tealight-lit, tea-cup-filled Barron entrance. As soon as I walked in I could see the event had been a success. There were groups laughing and chatting together, while others gazed at photographs, photographic paintings and charcoal life-drawings. In the centre of the room was a decorated bath, which added a sense of cohesiveness to the event, as some relatively risqué black and white photos of people in said bath lined a wall nearby. Up the stairs were more paintings, sketches and beautiful cartoon-like penguins; some pieces were abstract, others expressive and colourful. Above the exhibition was a beautiful landscape of St. Andrews on the sea with Turner brush-strokes and rolling clouds.

A cubbyhole played short films from talented St Andrean filmmakers. It was a while before I noticed there were headphones, but the images of kissing, screaming and a lost soldier walking were engaging enough and Falke’s at once energetic and relaxing DJing in the background provided a great accompaniment. In the dressing room, a sound installation in the shower (yes, the shower) attracted a rather long queue. I decided not to listen after hearing that it recorded dripping water, people talking about apples and general kitchen soundscapes – I can hear most of that at home. There was a lovely lady doing free henna and light bulb lined mirrors provided good space to peruse sketchpads.

It was a lovely evening with a great vibe, and has inspired me to be more creative. ST.ART Magazine is well worth picking up to see some of the wonderful things our students create in-between academics and life.


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