Students’ Association Election results announced

Photo: Tristan VanDeventer (St Andrews Radio)


Freddie Fforde emerged victorious as next year’s Association President, eventually seeing off Chloe Hill, as a record turnout voted for next year’s Students’ Assocation and Athletic Union.

The other Sabbaticals for 2012-13 are Emily Griffiths (Athletic Union President), Amanda Litherland (Director of Representation), Meg Platt (Director of Student Development and Activities) and Jules Findlay (Director of Events and Services).

In other notable results, Kate Reid will be next year’s SSC Broadcasting Officer (STAR), Kelsey Gold was elected SSC Charities Officer, Alexandra Holroyd SSC Debates Officer, Kirsty Strang SSC Music Officer and Jo Cox SSC Performing Arts Officer.

The total votes cast numbered 4,080, which was more than double last year’s turnout and set a new record for British university elections, said current DoSDA David Graves.

Fforde led the Presidential count throughout, but it took six rounds for him to reach the required number of votes, with Chloe Hill never far off and Charlotte Baker the third-placed candidate. The vocal support in Venue One for David ‘Fifa’ Gossage, meanwhile, failed to translate into a serious challenge in terms of votes cast.

Keep your eyes on for more news, analysis and interviews with the winning candidates.


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