Please Do Touch


I think we can be honest. At first glance, a ‘Massage Society’ sounds, if nothing else, a bit risqué. Then again, maybe that’s part of the society’s draw. Getting a massage must be worth the sly looks your friends will give you once they hear where you’re going. The group that met was perfectly aware of their ambiguous appearance, and in fact they seemed a bit proud of the perceived connotations of their meeting. If nothing else, laughing at it was necessary to ease the tension among a group of people that did not yet know each other.

So the yet unaffiliated Massage Society met for the first time. Like any first encounters, this required a good ice-breaker. The Society’s President, Kaitlyn Vasconcellos certainly did her part. Before the meeting officially began, some were discussing possible slogans for the group. Kaitlyn offered up “Massage Society: touch and be touched”. Sadly, the society did not take her proposal seriously.

The event progressed with the choosing and voting on members to stand as Treasurer and Secretary. The Secretary voiced confusion at what they were required to write beyond the occasional “ooo” and “ah.”

There was a silly ice-breaker game to make things less awkward before we commenced kneading one another. Then, sitting down in a circle, we received some basic instruction from Nat Pendleton, renowned in this group for his massage-giving abilities. Everyone turned to give a massage to the person to the right of them. This worked as sufficient warm-up. We then broke off into pairs to get a proper rub down. I was lucky enough to be treated by someone trained in the art of the Swedish massage.

Overall, it made for a successful night. In the future, the society plans to bring in professional masseuses and masseurs to give lessons to budding therapists. There is also talk of massages outside the library for stressed students during exam time, proceeds going towards charity. I think we would all agree this is a winner of an idea.

Membership is £3. Initially, the society will be meeting in people’s flats, providing an atmosphere better suited for relaxation. Keep an eye out for this new group, and email Kaitlyn Vasconcellos if you’re interested.



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