Makeover with Mackay


Every style, from smoky eyes to retro red lips, needs the perfect base. For daytime I usually just recommend some concealer, powder and maybe tinted moisturiser because it is fast and easy to wear.

If you have clear skin just apply foundation then add concealer if needed, but if you have dark circles or spots then add a slightly yellow concealer by patting on then blending the edges before applying foundation. Also if you cover your eyelids lightly with concealer it helps make your eye shadow last longer.

1. For your foundation and concealer colour, draw it in a line down from your cheekbone to your neck and blend. If it matches in daylight then its right, but if it is too yellow/dark then pick another with a pinker/lighter tone and vice versa. Begin at the forehead and blend into the hairline and down onto the rest of your face and try to pat in rather than wipe brush/sponge along. Pat the foundation down onto the neck, including under the chin, blending down to avoid a tideline. Add translucent powder to set the foundation and lose the shine – plus it’s easy to carry a small compact to touch up during the day.

2. To create cheekbones choose a bronze/brown/tan ‘contour’ blusher and roll your finger down over your cheekbone. As soon as it goes in, that is where to apply the contour blush from hairline to the apple in a gentle circular motion. For fresh rosy cheeks make the biggest, cheesiest grin possible and softly dust the apple of your cheeks.

3. Now you can add some eyeshadow in the socket of your eye in the contour blush and add some eyeliner in the top lash line to really bring out your eyes.

4. Lastly, use white eyeliner right on the lower waterline of your eyes to make your eyes look bigger and more awake before applying mascara. For lips just use lip-gloss/tint/balm but add either some clear lip-gloss or highlighter on the cupid’s bow of your lips to make them appear fuller.

As you can see from the photos, brushes are a great investment- you can pick up a set from Boots or Superdrug. Foundation, concealer and powder as well as eyeliners are where I spend my money, though. Generally, these have to be worn the most and therefore need to last the longest without going flaky, running or wearing off. You can definitely save when it comes to eye shadows, mascaras and lipgloss because there is little difference in quality between brands.


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