Get Your Green On


Walk more
As mentioned, St Andrews is a small place. Granted, the weather is not always favourable, and, granted, DRA is indeed light years away from the exciting hubub of the town centre. But it is only a twenty minute walk at most; less than the required daily amount of exercise a person should do. So unless Hurricane ‘Bawbag’ strikes again, decrease your carbon footprint by that tiny percentage point and don’t take the bus or taxi.

Waste less

Recycling is a boring practice, and yet something that should be incorporated in all our routines. If in halls, this is really made easier. And again, there are easily accessible recycling points around town. Do it as a weekly flat event, make it colourful with those lady-bug Tesco bags, do it as an activity of reminiscence (when you dump all those bottles from an epic flat party), but just do it! Recycling can come in other shapes and forms as well; you can even do it from the comfort of your living-room couch. The University’s Transition group has an online forum, StAndRe-Use, where old items can be donated and exchanged for each other. Next time you need a bed-side table, don’t consult the Argos catalogue, go to the StAndRe-Use Facebook page.

Become a Part-time Carnivore

Part-time Carnivore is ideal for those of you who can’t do without your meat, but feel environmentally conscious about every bite of it you swallow. Launched in 2010, this initiative strives to make people more aware about the impact of our dietary habits, while being conscious that not everyone is willing to go vegetarian or vegan to reduce carbon emissions. Sign up on The University of St Andrews is currently in the seventh place in Part-time Carnivore national rankings- let’s try to improve on this.


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