Boat Club: Aberdeen Eights Head of the River

The Men's team put in a very solid performance, winning their category and placing sixth overall; Photo: St Andrews Boat Club


On 25 February the University of St Andrews Boat Club attended the Aberdeen Eights Head of the River. The Senior Men, Senior Women and Novice Women went up to compete as well as two boats on a trailer and blades tied to the roof of the car. The whole squad was very happy to leave the AU at the unusually civilized time (for the Boat Club at least) of 8am.

The Men’s first eight were very rushed when getting onto the water, having been chivalrous in helping the novice women get on the water before them. The crew completed the 3km course in 10 minutes 20 seconds, awarding them first place in their category and sixth fastest crew overall. They were also a full 20 seconds ahead of their nearest competitor in their division.

The Women’s team celebrated the first outing in the new women’s eight ‘Smax’ in Aberdeen, which after some creative fixing proved to be a great addition to the fleet. The Women’s novice eight had their first ever race and showed great dedication and perseverance in such a long race. The Women’s Seniors time over the course came in at 14 minutes and 8 seconds, but sadly they did not place for a medal.

The Men’s and Women’s teams are now looking forward to their next race of Clydesdale Head on Saturday 10 March. The Men’s first eight are also making the journey to London to compete in the Tideway Head of the River on 17 March. This is the very first time that the University of St Andrews Boat Club has entered into this race.

They will be rowing from Mortlake to Putney on the Tideway.  With over 400 crews of eights taking part it is one of the highest participation events in London. They will be competing against teams such as the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, Cambridge, Oxford and Durham colleges so they will have to give it their all and the club want to wish their ‘tomahawks of the Tay’ the best of luck, and encourage any St Andrews students in London that weekend to come and support the efforts.


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