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Toss all of your politically correct views on sexism, adultery, alcoholism and equal opportunities in the work place out the window and get ready to embrace all things retro because AMC’s multi-award winning TV drama Mad Men is (finally) returning to our screens.

Season four ended with steely Don Draper un-characteristically grinning like an idiot having just proposed to his secretary, Megan, after a holiday with the kids in California and brutally ditching psychologist Dr Faye Miller. Going by his track record for getting bored with women before dessert has arrived, don’t assume that Megan will still be in the picture when the new series kicks off. Who knows how many women have been bedded since then?

Betty Draper, now re-married to Henry the politician, was last seen moving out of the Draper family home but didn’t seem to be looking towards her new life with high hopes. Will the ice queen ever be at peace? Probably not since mischievous daughter Sally must be about to hit her teens. With Sally’s track record for smoking, associating with weird boys and public masturbation, Betty is sure to be in for a rocky ride.

Ravenous red head, Joan Holloway’s baby will have made an appearance by now but who’s the father? Her gorgeous but aggressively assertive husband (last seen serving as a military doctor in Vietnam)? Or long-time flame, the heart-attack prone silver fox and senior partner of Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce, Roger Stirling?

As for Peggy Olson’s baby – who knows whether he/she will ever return? With Peggy’s career soaring, despite her constant overshadowing by male colleagues and endless struggle to please Don, her past mistakes don’t seem to be haunting her. Let’s hope that Don will have come down from cloud nine and is willing to acknowledge the fact that Peggy saved the firm from bankruptcy by securing an account with an underwear client.

To celebrate the return of the show, indulge your inner Mad woMan by spoiling yourself with something from Banana Republic’s exclusive Mad Men capsule collection which features simple, classic 60’s style pieces and vintage look jewellery. Estee Lauder have also designed a limited edition Mad Men lipstick in luscious cherry red which is sure to bring out the Joan Holloway in you. Alternatively, all Don Draper wannabes out there should invest in the Brooks Brothers Mad Men suit, designed by the show’s award-winning costume designer Janie Bryant – team it with a dirty gin martini and a Lucky Strike cigarette to complete the look. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t miss the new series, airing March 25th.



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