The Road Less Travelled


Biking Photographer, Google Maps

Street view on Google Maps is extremely handy, thanks to the Google van. But in places inaccessible by the Google van, Google hires people to ride tricycles with a camera to take snapshots. In France, the Google bikers were sent to capture pictures of historical sites. This is great for those who want to travel and stay fit at the same time!

Cartoon Voiceovers and Foley Artists

Ever watch a cartoon or listen to the radio and wonder who’s really voicing the characters? If you’re experienced, you can get paid £215 for just five minutes of voice recording. As a foley artist (such as Mel Blanc, voice of Bugs Bunny, above), you get to make those cool sounds you hear in films or on the radio. With props, your feet, and fabric, you can recreate ‘natural’ sounds for films.

A Chocolate Taster

People don’t often think of chocolate tasting as a potential job, but companies like Tesco, Thornton’s, Green and Black’s, Godiva, and other chocolate companies need to make sure their chocolate is deliciously top-notch. Last year, Green and Black’s offered a salary of £35,000 a year in search of the perfect chocolate taster.

Fortune Cookie Writer

Want to tell people’s fortunes, but a crystal ball isn’t really your style? Look no further- This is a great opportunity to provide wisdom, insight and inspiration to the strong, faithful followers of the Fortune Cookie. Help end someone’s Chinese take-out on a good note.


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