Saint Sport Interview: Women’s Lacrosse



The Saint asked Natasha Seel (President) and Caroline Lubbock (Captain) about the Women’s Lacrosse Club, their season so far and their hopes for the coming months

The Saint: What do you enjoy most about playing Lacrosse?

Natasha Seel: It’s just such a team sport, and I think the thing about St Andrews Lacrosse Club is there’s great club cohesion and this year especially we’ve all been getting on really well, which is noticeable in our matches.

Caroline Lubbock: It’s a really fast-paced game and it’s one of the most strategic sports, so I just get a lot of pleasure playing it.

TS: What’s the experience of being in the club been like?

CL: We have the chance to experience not only the sport but also the great social side – our particular club is really close. The girls are great friends and they’re all ages, fourth years are great friends with the first years… We spend a lot of time with each other outside of the practices, which makes it a really great feel when you’re on the pitch.

TS: What did the club achieve last semester?

NS: Starting with preseason, we had 18 girls, which tripled the roster. Three of the girls were freshmen, which was great – they were incorporated into the club immediately. In Freshers Week we had our give-it-a-go day and we had 80 girls come along. Obviously a lot of them were beginners, and we’ve managed to keep 40 of them. So we’ve got 40 girls coming along each week, with 15 of those beginners and a lot of first years as well.

CL: We also made a big effort for fundraising last semester, which really benefited the club. We started preseason with a fundraising walk, which raised £1,115. We’ve done some other fundraisers, which have been a big part of the first semester.

NS: [On the club’s 100% winning record in the BUCS league] It’s been great. There have been a couple of close matches, namely the Edinburgh 2nds match [Saints won 13-11] and we’ve still got to play the second match against them. But honestly it’s such a great feeling – the other matches have been clear wins.

TS: What’s been the impact on your club of what’s happened to the Men’s club?

CL: We started this year with a very clear vision of what we wanted to do with the club, and we’ve stayed on track with our goals and what we want to accomplish, so I don’t think it’s really affected us at all.

NS: If anything, the overlap between the Women’s and Men’s Lacrosse is better than ever before. We have practices at the same time on Mondays and we often have mixed scrimmages at the end of those – the boys try playing women’s rules. It’s great on the social aspect – we’re doing mixed socials, which I don’t think Lacrosse has ever done before.

TS: How have you found working with the AU this year?

NS: It’s been great actually. We started the year on probation for the first six weeks – obviously overcoming that was one of our main goals. We weren’t really in their good books from before. We went along to the meetings and we had our probation review just after Reading Week, and the AU was really happy with what we’d done and promoted us. Since then our communication with the AU has been even better and I think we’ve demonstrated how, as a club, we want to go forward. And the AU has helped support us with that.

CL: As long as we’ve asked and reached out to them, they’ve been entirely supportive, so we only have good things to say!

TS: What’s coming up in the next few months, and what are your hopes for the rest of the season?

NS: We’ve got four more BUCS matches to play. If we win those then we’ll be in the playoffs, where there’s two teams we could potentially be playing [Manchester and Warwick]. If we then win that, which is our aim, I think there’ll be one more play-off then we’re promoted to the Premier league. The aim is to be playing against English universities next year, because it’s a much higher standard and it would be great for the team experience and for representing St Andrews.




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