North Street roadworks


Traffic will be heavily disrupted until the end of March in St Andrews as part of planned resurfacing works. Once again the roads in the centre of the town will be swollen with extra traffic as Fife Council attempt to improve the quality of the pavements and roads, which have suffered heavily with potholing over the last two winters due to the extreme weather conditions. North Street is operating on a give/take system of temporary traffic lights, which caused heavy delays at peak hours with knock-on effect throughout the town. Greyfriars Garden is also completely shut to traffic, creating further congestion through Market Street, which has only just reopened after a long period of roadworks.

Last year, Fife Council found themselves in hot water over surfacing problems, when on several occasions they refused to pay out for damage caused to vehicles by potholes, denying all liability. Fife Council Labour leader Alex Rowley spoke out recently on the issue, urging people to report all road defects in a drive to reduce the amount of damage being done to cars, admitting the road conditions across Fife were “poor”. He added: “I believe that action must be taken to address the worst of the road defect problems as and when they arise, but this can only happen if the service is aware of the problems, and that is why it is very important that all defects are reported”.


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