Green Week’s Sustainability Fayre


Green Week 2012 kicked off on Saturday with a ‘Town and Gown Sustainability Fayre’ in Parliament Hall. The event was designed to bring Transition St Andrews, union societies and local environmental groups together.

Although it was a slightly soggy afternoon many local residents and students enjoyed the wide variety of stalls and skills on display.

Representatives talked about their organisations, such as the Botanic Gardens, Zero Waste Fife and the WWF Earth Hour. Meanwhile, Transition St Andrews taught sustainable, student budget-friendly skills such as sewing and mending.

Several stalls offered some more light hearted activities where visitors could learn to juggle and make felt bags with the St Andrews Re-Use Pastime Swap.

Zoe Johnson, Craft Society President said: “We wanted to show that being sustainable can be fun and  good for your purse as well as being the right thing to do.”

Kirsten Jenkins, Green Week 2012 co-organiser, was pleased with how the event went, saying, “Today was a great success. It’s been a brilliant opportunity for local groups to talk to each other as well as talk to the public.”

Green Week 2012 continues with events as varied as discussing the topical issue of whether wind is the answer on Thursday 1 March to a Botanic Gardens Picnic on Sunday 26 February and a Green Bop (Jungle theme) on Friday 2 March.

A full list of the week’s events can be found on Facebook at Green Week 2012.


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