Canoe Club’s Christmas present




The Canoe Club is delighted to announce the arrival of a set of new polo kayaks following a succesful application to Awards4All Scotland. 


The club has had a large surge in demand for canoe polo within the club over the last few years and the existing equipment could not provide for the level of interest. After exploring several possible ways in which to secure funding an application was sent to Awards4All Scotland. 


It was a great surprise to receive a conditional offer of funding for new equipment, assuming the club completes the remaining conditions of the grant. The club is hoping to use these new boats to get many more people involved with the sport across a range of ages and to allow more experienced players to compete at a higher level.


The club’s first proper outing of 2012 is set to take place at a Division II tournament on 8 January. The ‘A’ team are having a good year so far at the top of Division II with two more teams doing very well in Division III.


For more information about the Canoe Club check out the website Or to find out more about A4A go to



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