The Critics: My Head is an Animal


My Head is an Animal

Of Monsters and Men


OM&M have only been together for a little over a year; they’re a six-piece band hailing from Iceland and they’ve just released their debut album (available in Iceland only). They’ve had a few demos floating around for a year or so and with this first release they certainly manage to live up to the understated hype of the indie underworld.

The craft and care that has been poured into this album is clear from its impeccable production and polished sound. The jangling guitars and resounding brass arrangements bellow out of the speakers while the back and forth vocals keep everything chugging along harmoniously. The strongest section of the album comes with the triumvirate of ‘Sloom’ ‘Little Talks’ and ‘From Finner’. Each song builds up to a delicious climax that leaves you craving the next song while still in awe of the previous.

Like a less embellished Arcade Fire; a more earnest Mumford & Sons; OM&M create powerful and thoughtful music, the type of music that is just as entrenched in storytelling as it is in providing a wonderful aural experience.


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