The Coffee Review


So, the nights are drawing in. The deadlines are looming. It is cold and dark and you’re stuck in the library, staring at the stack of reading you have to get through or the blank page that is supposed to become your essay. How does one get through such arduous times? The answer: coffee! This magical drink, which Balzac credited with causing “ideas to march in like the army”, has been the salvation of many a stressed, sleep-deprived student.

Café 1413-
Americano £1.
For those who find themselves condemned to the library for the foreseeable future, part of the library renovations have included a new café. No longer need you risk losing your hard-won spot in the library because you have stayed away too long in the queue at Starbucks. All in all, Café 1413 is cheap and convenient. Sadly, the coffee is a weak, watery concoction. It does not deliver the jolt you need when you have stayed up all night and now need to appear alive in your tutorial. Furthermore, the food is basic, though with a good fair trade selection, and the décor means you are not going to forget you are still in the library.

Americano £1.55.
Perfect for a hearty lunch break or afternoon snack and reasonably priced. Renowned for its kooky range of delicious scones. You have your standard range of coffees; your decadent hot chocolates and a wide range of fancy Teapig teas. Most hot drinks are also only a £1 if you go during ‘Happy Hour’, too.

Americano £1.15.
If you are getting jittery from too much caffeine, they have a wide range of herbal teas. They also provide, for those hard-core coffee junkies, three different blends of coffee with which you can experiment, too. It holds its own in the food department; very good paninis, freshly made cakes and pastries. It also has good fair trade, organic and vegan options.

The Coffee House-
Americano £2.40.
Located on Greyfriars Gardens, it is a proper old tearoom, selling some fantastic novelty teapots. The drinks include an excellent variety of freshly ground coffee and loose leaf teas, both of which you can purchase to use at home.


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