November finish for Market Street upgrade


The £1.5 million renovations on Market Street are due to be finished by the end of November, freeing up the road after three weeks of being completely closed off to all but pedestrian traffic.

Fife Council and T&N Gilmartin, the contractors working on Market Street, are quite confident in the completion of the road by this time, but allow for the possibility of further problems pushing the end date back to as late as January.

Last month, construction was pushed back for two weeks due to the discovery of the St Andrew’s tollbooth, the oldest town council building in Scotland.

In the event of finding more archaeological remnants on the opposite side of the road, the roadwork would theoretically be pushed back for another two weeks.

This setback would leave work to commence after holidays and completed by January’s end.

However, the contractors are confident that there should be no further delays with the schedule. There appears to be no disruption as of yet, as Market Street partially reopened this week, providing a glimpse into what the new refurbishing will look like without barriers and construction vehicles.

One second year Geoscience student, Alex Kummer, shared her observations about the construction.

“As one can already see, the end result will be beautiful and will add to the entire picture of one of our main street,”said Kumner.

“At the moment, some people might find it inconvenient for crossing the street, and the dust and noise from the construction works might irritate some, but I’ll happily put up with all this now because I’ll soon be able to enjoy the improved end result.”

While the aesthetic side of the roadwork is admirable, Heleyna Patel, a second year Psychology student, raises a different view. “Putting cobbles into the road will make St Andrews look a lot more archaic and picturesque, but surely tearing out tarmac would make it harder for cars to drive on? Just seems impractical really,” said Patel.

The new road features a granite zebra crossing at the south end outside of Tesco, and will be flanked by two trees on either side. A matching pair of trees has already been planted on the footpath at the northern end of the pavement.

The final section of road to be cobbled, the south side from Tesco to Subway, is being completed now. The last stage of work is to place the tree pits at the south end of the street in time for planting season at the beginning of November.


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