600th anniversary shop launched


As part of its 600th anniversary celebrations, the University of St Andrews has made a new contribution to the town’s shops.

The 600th Anniversary shop, located on the corner of Market Street and Greyfriars Gardens, is dedicated to raising awareness about the 600th Anniversary Campaign and generating funds for the campaign.

The goal of the campaign is to raise a £100 million endowment over three years of events that mark the 600 years since the foundation of the University.

The shop opened at the end of last June during the summer graduations. The site had previously been used  for various temporary, pop-up shops related to various student events and groups.

These included FS 2011, On the Rocks 2011, STAR and The Saint. The shop’s lease is owned by the University, which allowed students to use the site until they were ready to set up the current shop.

Julie Amphlett, the store’s manager, said that the shop had been well received, with “lots of locals and lots of tourists” visiting during the summer, as well as proving popular with visiting alumni.

During Freshers’ Week, the arrival of students preparing for a new academic year has seen  an influx of fresh business.

Additionally, the shop has become an unofficial information point about the University.

Its central location and visibility has meant visitors to the town and University often come in to seek advice and information.

The store caters to this by providing maps and information leaflets. All staff are well-informed about the University, being either alumni or student ambassadors.

According to Amphlett, the shop is neither a replacement nor a competitor for BESS, the Students’ Association shop, but rather focuses on selling products related to the 600th anniversary and “high quality” products relating to the University generally.

Products on sale include artwork made in collaboration with local businesses, such the Open View Gallery, and books written by University academics.The shop will also sell tickets for any 600th anniversary events.

The merchandise on offer has been chosen with sustainability and ethical considerations in mind. Clothes on sale, for example, are all made of organic fibres, and the silver jewellery on offer has all been made in St Andrews.

Although the shop has been established with the 600th Anniversary campaign in mind, there are currently no plans to close it after the campaign has finished, intending to continue to use it to sell merchandise related to the University.


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