Love in a Cold Climate


For those of you who have suffered a break up or even just been rejected at some point in this town, you know how impossible it is to escape. However, it is this same atmosphere that somehow makes it acceptable for us to cling on to issues and break-ups, long after they’ve fallen by the wayside.

This is perfectly understandable. But why, after months have gone by, is nobody questioning the fact that I am still talking about that guy I used to date, as though it were yesterday. I need to be told when to get over it and move on; it seems many of you do too.

For example, the boy from Bongo Ball. Yes, we had fun. The part where I dropped the burger all down my dress was indeed hilarious. However, there was a reason that we never did go for that coffee, or why now interaction doesn’t go beyond drunken chat at house parties. Yet I still deliberate over whether I should just send him a text – just one?
Perhaps this goal of letting go is just a little ambitious. At Easter lunch, with my 82-year old Grandma, who has been happily married to my rather cool, leather jacket-wearing, pipe smoking Granddad for fifty-nine years, started telling me about an old boyfriend. This is the same Grandma who once advised me to dump my high-school boyfriend and “play the field”.

She told me about ‘Trumpet Boy’, her boyfriend of two and a half years, who went off to the army and broke her heart. To still talk of someone after this amount of time can hardly be called ‘letting go’. But maybe we should all take something from this.

We are all going to have those people we look back on fondly or even regretfully, but there are three things we have to remember.

Firstly, a bit of perspective. We will be able to live without them and, in all honesty, find someone better. Everyone has that leather jacket-wearing, pipe smoker on the horizon.

Secondly, there was a reason why we broke up or never went for that coffee. It’s nice to reminisce, but there is a reason you chose to not go back there.

Finally, for those of you who are worried about letting go, or of someone letting go of you in the next four months, don’t fret. This town has a funny habit of pressing the pause button over the summer. In September, we will all inevitably pick up where we left off. Just try over summer to let go and who knows? Maybe we will all finally get over it.


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