Year In Review


October – Star-gazing on The Old Course
The Alfred Dunhill Links Championship saw the students of St. Andrews return to doing what they do best: celeb spotting. The likes of Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Grant, Chris Evans and Bobby Charlton could be found strolling on the greens or enjoying a (attempted) quiet drink in one of the local pubs.

Unfortunately Mr. Grant chose not to embroil himself in any student shenanigans. Later in the month, though, Man City players staying in the town for a spot of golf were caught on camera at a student house party. The Sun published the “booze bender” video of the footballers getting merry at the student bash post-Lizard.

November 18th/ December 30th – In with the new, in with the old
The Woollies shaped void on Market Street had given rise to the Nisa saga, leaving in its wake only a giant question mark. Speculations abound, H&M opened its doors last November.

To the younger portion of St. Andrews students the name ‘Aikmans’ resounded with folktale nostalgia for quality pub-times gone by that we could never experience. That was until the Bell Street institution re-opened its doors just in time to see the New Year. The establishment has since returned to its former esteem as much loved by students.

February 9th – To Bop or Not to Bop?
The Tuesday night bop had died a lonely death, leading us all to question the validity of Boozeday Tuesday itself. But Re-freshers week 2011 saw the emergence of the successful ONE nights. One pound entry and one pound drinks ensured our weeknights stayed lively.

February 13th – Council Says no to HMO
The Students’ Association presented a strong defence of student rights against the planning proposal by Fife Council to cap the number of Houses of Multiple Occupancy in the town centre. With accommodation dramas over availability and costs already mountainous, much of the student body has been fighting this scheme long and hard – a council decision will be made in May.

February 25th – 600 hundred years and a prince
The University officially launched the celebration of its 600th anniversary with a little help from notable alumnus Prince William of Wales accompanied by fiancée Kate Middleton. Crowds lined North Street to catch a glimpse of the couple amidst masses of media and police.

March 4th – Amazing A capella
The Scottish regional of The Voice Festival returned to St Andrews, showcasing the strong a capella tradition in the town with four choral groups competing. All female team The Accidentals sang to success at the final in London and all-male ensemble The Other Guys performed a certain number known as “Royal Romance”… two months later their Gaga parody became a youtube sensation.

13th April – Balls, balls, balls
From wellies to psychology to steampunk – if it exists, St Andrews can make a ball about it. Ball-love reached notability for the May Ball as eager socialites queued from 1am till later than 11am to ensure their place on the dance floor.


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