The Other Guys become YouTube sensation

Don't you want me Katie...?

Student male a capella group The Other Guys has created a music video that is poised to become a new YouTube viral sensation.

The video, entitled Royal Romance, incorporates a parody of Lady Gaga’s hit song “Bad Romance” with Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me” and follows The Other Guys as they perform their best GaGa-esque moves around popular St Andrews locations.

For many students at university, it’s all too easy to relate to the dilemma of falling for someone slightly out of your reach, but when that person just so happens to be the fiancée of the future king of England, things become just a little bit trickier.

The story line of the video follows loved-up lead vocalist, Ollie Boesen, and his Other Guys companions, as he attempts to win a lookalike Kate Middleton’s heart around the St Andrews Campus.

First year student Francesca Heartfield was chosen to play Kate for the video, in which highlights include a nod to “Chariots of Fire” and a mention of the Don’t Walk fashion show in which Kate is famed to have participated.

As The Saint went to print the video had received 143, 190 hits on YouTube in the week since it was posted. It has also been featured on the BBC, STV and Channel 5 News.

The Other Guys formed in 2004 with the self-proclaimed aim of bringing “the American tradition of collegiate a cappella to the Auld Grey Toon of St Andrews.”

Billing themselves as “Scotland’s premier all male a cappella ensemble,” the boys can be found performing different song styles and musical mash ups at University fashion shows, balls and other events.

Successes for the group to date include the release of various studio and live albums, such as 2009’s popular “Well Sung.”

When asked about the runaway popularity of the Royal Romance video, The Other Guys singer and video director Ollie Boesen says the group “never envisioned such a widespread and positive response” adding, “we just hope Kate likes it too!”

Whether Kate takes The Other Guys’ lyrical advice and does in fact “Get rid of the prince” remains to be seen, but in St Andrews the video has proven to be hugely popular among students.


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