Refet Afrique


Behind the gaudy exterior of the Golf Hotel, Réfèt Afrique held what it boasted to be a “unique” event celebrating the “diversity and beauty of Africa through music, dance and fashion.” It certainly ticked all these boxes, if not more. The venue was both grand and intimate providing an ideal setting for the eclectically dressed students.

There were suits and caps, suits and trainers, a few dashikis, at least one pair of leather pants, and the traditional assortment of short skirts and pastel shades. The VIP’s trickled in through the doors to their humble, but sufficiently exclusive coop, where they enjoyed their champagne reception whilst remaining free to fraternise with their amigos amongst the riff-raff on the opposite side of the velvet rope. The theme for the designers, both professional and student, was “rural vs. cosmopolitan.” Stand-out collections for me being the “Tsjengi Rural” and the “Experimental Turbans”.

Intentionally or not, the musical performers also seemed to adhere to the “rural vs. cosmopolitan” theme. There was a folk cover of Lady Gaga, harmonica beat-boxing, an exhausting dance off and the wonderful Desert Roses’ ethnic dancing.

Angus Field


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