Elections Special: Director of Events and Services



Alex Dixon

Alex Dixon might be best known as a STAR presenter and host of Mr St Andrews, but he feels strongest in “the behind the scenes things that are often underplayed in elections.”

Dixon has dedicated himself to charity work, from first year charities rep on the DRA committee to Charities Convenor, helping to raise £52,000 for charity.

“I have a lot I want to do,” Dixon says of the DoES role, “and I think it all stems back to the fact that the Union has a lot of potential, especially with the redevelopment. That needs somebody who’s going to grab it and knows how to take it forward.”

Dixon has plans to integrate more students into the design team and understands that students hold the keys to the DoES office because “None of the candidates have all of the ideas – only the students know what they really want.”   

David Simpson

David Simpson says he embodies the “cultural renaissance” he wants to bring to the Union.

“It’s flowery language,” he admits, “but the whole point behind this cultural renaissance is making the Union a place to go.” Simpson is concerned that too many student events are being held in places like Ma Bell’s and the Vic, and wants to see, “more events being brought back to the Union, because this is where the students should be.”

Part of his strategy includes an overhaul of Venue 1, adding, “it’s a functional space, but I want to make it a whole lot more appealing, and the atmosphere a lot more inviting and warm.”

Simpson is also planning, “a greater flourishing of the arts in the Union,” including a resurgence of student drama productions, art exhibitions and live music and the transformation of the café into a classic 50s-style American diner.

Rollo Strickland

Rollo Strickland has spent the past year sitting on the SSC as the music officer. As the man behind Music is Love, has organised seven gigs this year, where the previous year held only one. 

Strickland believes he is the most dynamic candidate for the position with the right combination of creativity and vision.

His aims involve safeguarding the Barron Theatre, and creating a rotating series of dance nights – keeping what works well like the Bop, and bringing in new events such as alternative dance nights and comedy. Strickland also wants to revamp the union, saying, “the union could use a new lease of life.”

He adds, “I am utterly dedicated to the job – I am even pledging 10% of my salary to make sure these changes happen, they are not just empty claims.”


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