Sporting World: Issue 149


Each week we bring you a selection of the funny, bizarre and downright odd stories (and snapshots) from the sometimes very strange world of sport…

Coaches on-song…

Leeds manager Simon Grayson banned his players from wearing snoods in their FA Cup third round replay against Arsenal: “During a game they should be running around to keep themselves warm”.

Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov said the Old Trafford dressing room is full of jokers (Nani being one main culprit), but admitted they are scared into silence as soon as manager Sir Alex Ferguson walks through the door.

Before the 2002 Cup of Nations semi-final between hosts Cameroon and hosts Mali, Cameroon goalkeeping coach Thomas Nkono was pounced on and arrested by Malian soldiers on the pitch in full view of spectators. Nkono was accused of placing a magic charm in the Mali net. True or not, it ‘worked a charm’ for Cameroon, who won 3-0.

From Rugby League… after Eddie Szymala, the tough but intellectually-challenged Barrow forward, broke his jaw in a match against Oldham, coach Frank Foster was quick to lavish praise on him: “Eddie doesn’t know the meaning of the word fear,” Foster told the press. “Mind you, there are a million other words he doesn’t know the meaning of, either.”

And one dad…

The Sunderland fan who pushed over Newcastle’s Steve Harper in the Tyne-Tees derby was marched to the Magpies’ training ground the next day to apologise – by his father. But Ross Miller, 17, did not get the chance to say sorry, as the Newcastle squad had been given the day off.

FAILED LIMBO: I’ve heard of running through brick walls, but that’s just ridiculous

Richard Browne


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