Saints Lacrosse earn easy win over Edinburgh



Saints went into this match behind the visitors in the league table, but only because of having played one game fewer than their opposition. Prior to this match, St Andrews had won all four games played, scoring 89 goals and conceding just five.

The game started with fairly even ball possession, with play rapidly alternating defensive ends. However, it was the Saints who eventually converted a chance, with a drive to goal by Georgia Wade.

Shortly after this, Saints scored five more goals, with some notable assists from Rebecca Heslop. Edinburgh’s defence was being tied up in knots, with much of the home side’s incisive play coming down their right-hand side.

Towards the end of the first half Edinburgh scored their first goal of the match, but it was swiftly answered by Victoria Gerberding’s exceptionally well-placed shot with an assist by Georgia Wade, who had run straight through the visitors’ already exhausted defence.

The second half of the game saw an increase in Saints’ possession and pressure, with the ball rarely leaving the St Andrews attack.

Despite some fairly shoddy stick skills, the Saints scored a further 11 goals in the second half. Again Georgia Wade converted several of the St Andrews goals, with other strikes contributed by Victoria Gerberding, Anna Zahedi and Hannah Martin, and further assists from Georgia Wade, Rebecca Heslop, Bess Ruzich, Cara Maitland, Victoria Gerberding and Sarah Hedden.

Saints’ far superior passing was the foundation for their extended periods of pressure and some smooth finishes. Edinburgh’s defence, particularly their left flank, was close to collapse; the hosts exploited this ruthlessly, finding space in the opposition crease time and again to score virtually at will.

The away team called a time out in a desperate bid to sort out their defensive woes. It did appear to work: the final few minutes of the game saw the momentum swing in their direction, with the Edinburgh side scoring three goals in quick succession, primarily on the counter attack after Saints became a little casual in possession.

However, the deficit was far too much for Edinburgh and they were unable to do anything but keep the scoreline somewhat respectable with so little time remaining. Hence the final whistle brought victory to St Andrews, 18-4.

The win puts Saints top of the BUCS Scottish Conference Women’s 1A. They are still level on points with Edinburgh 2nds, but have a far superior goal difference and have two games in hand on their title rivals.

The remaining games against Glasgow, Aberdeen and Stirling should offer few problems for the girls. More of a challenge will be the Lacrosse Premier games coming up in the next few weeks – an away cup tie against Durham and a two-legged play-off versus Manchester. If they can repeat, and maybe raise, the performance against Edinburgh, they certainly have a chance.

Hannah Martin – Women’s Lacrosse Club President
Richard Brown – Saint Sport Editor


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