Music is Love: Class Notes


Right, so what or who is ‘music is love’?

Well, nice to see you’re not beating around the bush.  Music is Love is a St. Andrews based collective of individuals, passionate about showcasing quality music in what had become an artistic backwater.  Which, roughly translated from hipster, means that they’re a dynamic group of St. Andrews students tasked with promoting, discussing, manicuring, washing the hair of and generally being involved with music in St. Andrews.

Right…How’s that going then?

Pretty well actually.  This last semester they have held three professional gigs featuring Josie Long, The Pictish Trail, Let’s Buy Happiness, Kid Canaveral and Dry the River amongst others.  Alongside that they have also been running ‘seminar sessions’, providing passionate individuals a forum in which they can give presentations on the music that excites them, from anti-folk funk to canine dub step.  Oh and throw a couple of open mic nights in there and the creation of the union’s shiny new music blog. (

Perhaps most significantly, they have managed the Sisyphean task of packing out venue 2 (a space widely acknowledged to be only moderately more appealing than a statistics lecture) with over 100 dancing students, smashing the previous record set by [insert society name here] of 8.

That sounds quite good actually (although the name is a bit hippyish).  What have they got planned for this semester?

Well… Folk luminary and all round good gent, James Yorkston was snared for an extra special RAG week gig on the 13 February, and there are exciting rumours flying around about Samamidon, King Creosote and Four Tet.  On top of that it’ll be business as usual with the seminar sessions and the occasional open mic night.

O.K. You’ve sold me.  How can I become a member?

Funnily enough you already are one.  Music is Love is a union subcommittee (a bit like Mermaids except without the inbox abuse), so every matriculated student is already a member.

On top of that gem of good news, the collective structure means that while people might have rough jobs or areas of expertise (MIL are currently short of individuals with a detailed knowledge of New Orleans avant-garde Jazz circa 1982), anyone who wants to  be involved can be, in whatever capacity they like. Be it scouting out new bands to feature on the blog and bring up to St. Andrews or creating kitsch venue decorations; even perhaps giving a speech on the artistic use of mucus in Bob Dylan’s first album. If you’re keen to get involved, Music is Love is keen to have you!  Meetings are usually 6pm on Thursdays in the union.

Do Say..

Music is Love have breathed fresh life into the lungs of St. Andrews’ music scene and look like they’re here to stay.

Don’t Say…


Seth Kitson


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