Golf consultant seeks to create a ‘golf Facebook’


Richard Wax’s goal is to create a golf club accessible to any who wish to come to the home of golf

By Jasmine Wheelhouse

The recent announcement of Herb Kohler’s plans to refurbish the iconic Hamilton Hall into twenty-six high-priced luxury apartments has sparked concerns among many golfing enthusiasts. 

Richard Wax, Europe’s leading golf consultant, has expressed his disappointment that these plans fail spectacularly to maximise the unique opportunity which this building offers. It’s “privatising a view,” he said, “and only selling it to twenty-six people who can afford it.”

Wax and his associates had made a substantial offer on the propety but were outbid by Herb Kohler, owner of the Old Course Hotel and the Dukes Golf Course. Wax has an entirely different approach as to how St Andrews could make use of the building’s unique global leverage. “The excellent Golf Museum covers the origins of the game. We wish to focus on the spirit of the game, its art, literature and photography, its humour and ethics as well as how to encourage the future generations of golfers,” he states. “The core message of St Andrews is golf for all, not just the happy few.”

Passionate about St Andrews and golf and benefitting from years of experience in the golfing world, Wax has focused on the concept of creating a Golf Club for the world here in St Andrews. 

“There are sixty million golfers worldwide and we wish to bring them together,” he says. “It has to be in St Andrews, the Home of Golf, there’s no better place for it,” he emphasises.

He describes it as a kind of ‘Golf Facebook,’ a place where ordinary members are united. “We seek to make a database of email addresses to begin with. As it progresses we will take membership fees and use the funds to create a clubhouse right here in St Andrews.”

 A yearly membership for the club would be a modest two pounds, allowing all golfers to be members; a notion far from Mr Kohler’s ultra-exclusive Hamilton Grand.

“Our main activities would be in the evenings with guest speakers, films about Bobby Jones, for example and conferences on a wide variety of golf-related subjects,” Wax adds. “It goes without saying that students, professors and townspeople would receive honorary membership,” says Mr Wax. 

“We would like nothing more than to welcome students in the University to participate in the creation of a global golf communication network. What a project to look back on and be able to say that I was part of this initiative.”

It is early days for the Golf Club but Richard Wax and his team are currently talking with fellow golfing enthusiasts worldwide to help make this dream a reality.


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