Trick or Treat?


By Flossie Topping

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In the spirit of Halloween I set myself a challenge; select a random three films from the library DVD collection and review them, the only condition being a Halloween connection. I avoided the obvious, Scream/Exorcist/Texas Chainsaw Massacre and decided to go for weird looking movies you usually ignore, in the hope that some of you will follow in my footsteps, exploring the marvellous array of films in the library collection and have a frightfull night-in this weekend!

Ginger Snaps
Teen goth sisters Ginger and Bridget have had a death pact since they were 8 years old, neither wants to live beyond 16. They spend their time staging bloody suicides and taking pictures to shock their classmates. One night while walking in the woods, Ginger gets her first period and moments later is bitten by a werewolf, infecting her with a terrible poison. At the next full moon she is growing hair all over her body and having violent mood swings, it’s not PMS, she’s a werewolf! Pretty soon Ginger becomes hungry like the wolf she is and it is up to her sister to cover up all the messy murderous meals. Cringe worthy but hilarious.

Flesh for Frankenstein

Being an Andy Warhol production, I should have known this would be a somewhat sexed up version of the Frankenstein myth. In Serbia, mad scientist Baron Frankenstein works to create a master race of humans whom he can control, starting with a man and women who will make franko-babies for him. If you’re creeped out by necrophilia or cannibalism, you should probably avoid this one. In between gross-out moments of gooey body parts there were some hilarious lines from the Baron: “to know death Otto, you have to fuck life in the gall bladder” – and so he does.

At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul
‘Coffin Joe’, Brazil’s favourite (and first) horror film character, played by the brilliant José Mojica Marins, is recognisable from his black top hat, dinner suit, cape, and long curled fingernails (which he uses to gouge out eyeballs etc). This being the first instalment of a three part series, Joe proves you need not be a scientist, a vampire or werewolf to be feared, this guy is just plain crazy evil. Unfortunately, his quest to find a perfect bride who will bear an immortal child for him is constantly interrupted by the authorities who object to him slaughtering/raping/setting fire to random townspeople. This is classic horror at its best!


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