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Emily Hill reports on one of the newest sports clubs to emerge in St Andrews, Touch Rugby. Touching just got a whole lot sexier…
As St Andrews newest sports team we thought it might be a good idea to let you know a little more about us.

Touch Rugby is the latest branch of the rugby team, and part of our role is to rehabilitate ex-Rugby players, who due to injury can no longer play contact sports. But do not be fooled! Touch is definitely not an easy sport and demands exactly the same level of fitness, dedication and ability, but, as our fresher’s rep Abi Williams, said, “it means you get to keep your face”.

The rules of Touch Rugby are different in other respects. Teams are only 6 aside but with 8 substitutes as players usually sub every 3-4 minutes, showing how intense play can be. Also though you still score a try, there is no kicking at all in touch, so no drop goals or conversions. As you can see, though we have rugby in our name, rugby’s not our game!

The reason we decided to start the team was because of our captain Bérengère Sim’s dedication. She’s played touch since she was a child, captained her school team and has professional refereeing qualifications. Myself and Bérengère started spreading the word at the end of last semester and since then have built up a team of around 30 members.

Trainings take place twice a week from 5.30-7.30, Tuesday and Friday on the AU pitches and we plan to set up casual sessions, at Lade Braes or on the beach, as we did on Give it a Go afternoon. We want to become a fully fledged St Andrews team, and everyone knows that the best sports teams are the ones who have fun. So with this in mind we had a our first social on Wednesday 6th and plan to have these every second Wednesday, our next being the 20th October.

It is important to point out that we are both a mixed team and a beginners team, so anybody reading this article can join.
Touch is completely new to the university, so you needn’t worry about being inexperienced. Our current members range from those who have no sporting experience to those who play for other teams or are ex-rugby. Regardless of the present mix we hope to have our squad fully trained for our first competitive games next semester, against other Scottish clubs.

We may be new but we have had a lot of support, which we want to thank all our members and the AU for, and have a lot going on.
If you are at all interested in getting involved contact Bérengère at bms33 or myself at eh387 and/or join us on Facebook – St Andrews Touch Rugby!

We can promise you a fast, fun and fresh team for the price of only £5. Hopefully it’s an offer you can’t refuse.


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