Bubble TV aims to put St Andrews life on screen


The Saint: How did you come up with the idea of Bubble TV?

Anna-Lisa Stone: I had been involved with Star, the student radio station, for several years and was impressed with the creative energy, drive and imagination involved, but I wanted something more to represent life at St Andrews. One night last April I couldn’t sleep, and the idea just came to me- ‘The Bubble’ needed its own TV show! I immediately started trying to get my idea off the ground.

TS: Why did you think that St Andrews needed its own TV channel?

ALS: All St Andrews students share the same experience and breathe the same air, we share so much being in a small university – Bubble TV focuses on the students’ St Andrews.

TS: What plans does Bubble TV have for the future?

ALS: It’s a difficult one to answer but we’re at a very exciting stage, at the moment the world is our oyster! I want to make Bubble TV a household name for St Andrews students and to bridge gaps between the different societies.

TS: How often does Bubble TV plan to broadcast?

ALS: It’s not set in stone yet but we plan on doing a regular monthly feature on life in St Andrews including coverage on events that are happening and on societies.

TS: You broadcast on Youtube, which makes it widely disseminated internationally, it begs the question, what is the main goal of the programme?

ALS: Our main goals are to try and get as many students as possible involved and on camera sharing their unique experiences of life in St Andrews. We aim to be completely unbiased regarding the people we represent. We also want to focus on the students themselves, it’s not about the production team, there are no presenters reporting in our shows.

TS: Is it designed to promote St Andrews as a University abroad or is it intended as a program for current students?

ALS: Bubble TV is directed towards current students and their St Andrews experience. I have also received emails from students who have graduated already (or on their year abroad) and enjoyed the new found connection with the University.

TS: How do you plan to advertise Bubble TV in St Andrews?

ALS: Well the Union loved Bubble TV so much that they have advertised it on their website. We have a Facebook page, and so far 2,000 views on YouTube! There are also possible plans to broadcast the show from the screens in the union and the sports centre.

TS: Does the show plan to expand to other university related issues throughout the year?

ALS: Yes- Freshers’ Week was a unique episode which aimed to portray the spectre of university life here.  Ideally we want it to be a venue for student opinions on subjects like the plans for the library extension, and to promote fundraising events like Green Week.

TS: Is there anything else you would like to say to St Andrews Students?

ALS: We would also like to invite societies to pitch to us. Send us an email, tell us why we should make a promotional program for your sport or club, or feature it in our monthly update.


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