What music scene?


Jonathan Reyes is disgruntled and unamused

This Freshers’ I was excited for the gig night, as I have been for the past two years at university. The new group, which I would imagine has replaced “Musfund”, was called Music Is Love and I was expecting an excellent concert from The Pictish Trail, and some laughs from Josie Long, a recent Fringe performer that many find hilarious. 

I was looking forward to the concert aspect and was a little confused as to why a group purportedly existing to put on music was having a comedian headline their show. Nonetheless I went, with high expectations.  When I got there though, no music was to be found. The Pictish Trail must have played a maximum of twenty minutes of this three hour ordeal that many in the audience suffered through. But perhaps they enjoyed it since it had been advertised as Josie Long’s show. I was chatting with people sitting on my corner of the cramped Venue 2 and it turned out that they had come for the comedy and not for the music. In fact, no one I had talked with had come for the music. Frankly I was very disappointed. 

The purpose of Musfund was, and now the “new” Music is Love, is to put on gigs. After Aikman’s closed the only hope that many of the gig goers of St Andrews had rested in the Students Union. 

Does anyone remember the Pendulum fiasco? I certainly do, and nothing has changed since then. The Union could not put on a real concert even if they had one million pounds and Coheed and Cambria said they would play for free. I’m very tired of having to go out to Glasgow to see good groups. And I do mean groups. While the Handmade open mics showcased great acoustic persons, I never saw one band there. I’m sure there are some bands out there that are decent that the SU could book for cheap, and probably bands made up of our students who would do it for free! Why this is not taken advantage of is beyond me. I’m sure a lot of the problem is bureaucratic, as is every problem in the organizations at St Andrews, but it’s a shame that our Director of Events and Services, and the Committee that makes up Music Is Love, have lost touch with their peers. We want to see shows, we want to party and dance, and not just to Lady Gaga, or Maybe Gaga. These groups need to start putting on real music and get back in touch with the people they are meant to be entertaining. 

Don’t get me started on our “We only play ambient” joke of a student radio station.



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